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Albacore Tuna

Chunk in water with sea salt

Albacore Tuna is a classic for a reason. It’s nutritious, delicious, and (when caught the right way) environmentally conscious!

All our Raincoast Global Chunk Albacore Tuna is sourced from an MSC Certified Fishery and packed with care.

Ingredients: Albacore Tuna, Sea Salt.

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Globally Sourced Tuna

Our global tuna is sourced from an MSC-certified hook & line fishery. By choosing this tuna, you are announcing your support for sustainable global fisheries.

From sandwiches to salads, pastas to paninis, our skipjack chunk tuna will fill out your favourite recipe with a tasty protein punch and a classic tuna flavour that the whole family will enjoy.

We are proud to shine a light on sustainable and responsibly-managed fisheries around the globe.

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