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Pacific Sardines

Dill & Parsley

Our sardines? They’re kind of a big dill. Prepared with a dill & parsley tomato sauce and contains a solid boost of protein. Anchors up, let’s go!

Ingredients: Sardines, water, tomato paste, sea salt, modified tapioca starch (1422), onion powder, dill, parsley, oregano.

Other flavours


Most of our salmon and tuna recipes can be subbed with Sardines. Get creative and give them some love.

Not your ordinary sardine.

Selective sardine fishing measures ensure that there is limited or no bycatch as well as no habitat damage.

Crack open and dig in! Our 120-gram tins are exactly the right size for a between-meal protein pick-me-up.

From the simplicity of sardines packed in spring water to the crave-inducing flavours of sardines packed in scrumptious sauces, you’ll find a favourite—or favourites!—in no time.

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