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Albacore Tuna

No Salt Added

The same great taste but with no salt added. Perfect for low-sodium diets or for those who want to add their own signature seasonings and flare.

Caught in the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest from an MSC-certified fishery.

Ingredients: Albacore Tuna.

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Not your ordinary tuna.

We source high-quality Pacific Northwest tuna from cold water, low-mercury, responsible hook & line fisheries. This minimizes or eliminates unnecessary bycatch, supports sustainable fisheries, and gives you the confidence to enjoy the health benefits of tuna.

Albacore’s mild flavour is one reason for its popularity, but our process plays an important part. Unlike other canning operations, we don’t pre-cook our tuna prior to canning. By cooking the tuna only once during the canning process, the can retains all of the tuna’s nutrients and oils, ensuring top-notch flavour and nutrition. As well, we don’t add any water or oil, so there is no draining required.

Each albacore tuna is filleted, cleaned, and packed by hand. This ensures that only premium tuna portions make it into our cans—and into your meals.

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