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Wild Seafood Done Right Since 1995

Fishing flows through our veins. Founded by a multi-generation fishing family on the West Coast of Canada, Raincoast Trading believes that sustainable seafood can and should be accessible, and canned wild seafood can be mind-blowing, eye-opening, and uber-delicious.

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Best Coast Scenario

Our wild fish are chosen for quality & sustainability, prepared with care, and packed for convenience. Our Pacific albacore, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, and sardines are staples of the West Coast diet. In our club, they are VIP: Very Impressive Protein.

Our Raincoast Global skipjack tuna—from Maldives—is our newest sustainable tuna all-star in our lineup. Home run!

Naked, Nutritious, and Delicious

All you’ll find in our cans of wild tuna and wild salmon are wild tuna and wild salmon. Maybe a pinch of sea salt, if you are into that sort of thing. We’ll let other seafood companies fill their cans with oil—from us, you’ll just get seafood the way it was meant to taste.

We Love Oceans we adhere to the highest sustainability standards when catching, processing, and packaging our seafood. You deserve it, our oceans deserve it.

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