Powerful Pacific protein. Top-end canned tuna with surprisingly simple ingredients.

Wild Skipjack Tuna

Chunk tuna sustainably sourced from Maldives. Global seafood for your home.

Wild Skipjack Tuna

Easy to serve snacks for your on-the-go-go-go moments.

Wild Sockeye Salmon

A Pacific Northwest legend. Rich, red, robust, delicious.

Wild Pink Salmon

Sustainable Pacific salmon. Delicate flavour and texture

Wild Salmon Jerky

We don’t coast on the coast. Fuel up with salmon jerky on your next adventure.

Wild Pacific Sardines

Sardines to dine for. Four flavours—plenty of protein.

Wild Sockeye Salmon Lox

Expertly cold-smoked with natural hardwood. Bagels, anyone?

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