Wild Pink Salmon

No Salt Added

The “Shortest Ingredient List” award goes to our canned wild pink salmon with no salt added. Sustainable and delicious Pacific salmon doesn’t get any simpler than this, and it is especially useful if you want to keep your sodium intake down at sea level.

Contains salmon skin and soft bones in the traditional canned salmon style.

Ingredients: Wild Pink Salmon.

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Salmon Salad Wrap

Salmon Salad Wrap

A veggie packed wrap with added nutritents and a crunch with herbs and fresh flavour.

Not your ordinary salmon.

All of our salmon is wild-caught in a sustainably managed Pacific Northwest fishery. Our adherence to this is one of the reasons we were the first Canadian packaged retail seafood company endorsed by the respected Ocean Wise conservation program.

Unlike other canning operations, we don’t pre-cook our salmon prior to canning. By cooking the salmon only once during the canning process, the can retains all of the salmon’s nutrients and oils, ensuring top-notch flavour and nutrition.

Our wild salmon is filleted, cleaned, and packed by hand. This ensures that only premium salmon portions make it into our cans—and into your meals

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