Wild Salmon Jerky

Smoky Sweet Chipotle

Bring the zing—wherever your adventures may lead! Each chomp is a romp of sweet ‘n smoky goodness paired with plentiful protein courtesy our wild Pacific Northwest salmon. Let’s go!

Ingredients: Minced wild chum and/or pink salmon, Organic sugar, Sea salt, Canola oil (non GMO), Liquid smoke, Yeast extract, Chipotle chile, Natural hardwood smoke.

Other flavours

Not your ordinary jerky.

Our jerky is made from wild-caught Pacific Northwest salmon and produced on the shores of those same Pacific Ocean waters in British Columbia, Canada.

Prepared, seasoned, and smoked in our own smokehouses. We’ve drawn from many years of seafood excellence to produce our new jerky

Camping, hiking, long drives, or just for a treat—our wild smoked salmon jerky goes with any activity.

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