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Unique design sculpture benefits food bank while celebrating Vancouver’s Olympic emblem and the culture of Canada’s Arctic.

Today the Vancouver Aquarium revealed an enormous Inukshuk sculpture made entirely of cans of Ocean Wise recommended seafood in a display of Olympic spirit. Created by an Aquarium design team, the Ocean Wise Canstruction project will be available for viewing from now through the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The seafood was generously donated by Raincoast Trading. Following the exhibit the canned fish will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

“You can tell our team and partners had a lot of fun creating this amazing spectacle to share with locals and visitors during the Games,” said Aquarium president, Dr. John Nightingale. “We are able to show our Olympic spirit and support the Food Bank, while showcasing the importance of choosing sustainable seafood. Overfishing is the number one problem facing the world’s oceans today. Ocean Wise makes it easy for Canadians to play an active role in conserving them now and for future generations.”

The canned seafood was supplied by Raincoast Trading, the first retail product to have the Ocean Wise recommended logo on their labels.  Mike Wick, owner, commented, “Raincoast is delighted to be part of this unique initiative.  If we can help a good cause while letting consumers know how easy it is now to make sustainable seafood choices when shopping, then we’ve accomplished two really important things with this terrific project.”
The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society acknowledges that this contribution to their ongoing efforts to feed the hungry is not only fun, but needed.  “We haven’t stopped talking about this since we first heard about it!” says Doug Aason, Director of Community Investment. “To see these community leaders come together to support us is just amazing!  We thank the Vancouver Aquarium and Raincoast Trading for supporting us through this display of Olympic spirit.”

The Ocean Wise Canstruction Inukshuk will remain on public display during the Olympic Winter Games from today through February 28th.  Vancouver Aquarium visitors will find it on the outdoor beluga habitat at the entrance to the Canada’s Arctic exhibit.

It took many hands and a lot of cans to build the Ocean Wise Canstruction Inukshuk. So many cans, in fact, that the Aquarium is giving the public the chance to guess the total number used in the “CAN You Guess?” contest open now through February 13. The winner will receive two tickets to an Olympic speed skating event at the Richmond Oval courtesy of BC Hydro. Anyone can enter the contest by dropping off the ballot in person at the Vancouver Aquarium or online at

About Inukshuk
Inukshuk is an Inuit word that means “that which acts in the capacity of a human.”  In the Arctic, people build Inuksuit (plural of Inukshuk) from rocks, stones, and other materials such as antlers or bone. Inuksuit are wayfinders, markers, message centres, and hunting assistants.  Today, the role of the Inukshuk has expanded even further.  It inspired the logo of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. It is a symbol of the people of the Arctic, and a way for Inuit and non-Inuit to mark their presence across the country. Our Inukshuk is built entirely of cans of Ocean Wise recommended salmon and tuna. Like the wayfinders of the Arctic, it marks a path: one that leads to healthy oceans through sustainable fishing practices.

About Canstruction

Canstruction is a world-wide design competition and exhibit where teams build structures
from food cans to support the local food bank.

About Raincoast Trading

Raincoast Trading sells premium wild seafood products since 1978. Based in Vancouver, Canada the company is owned by a fourth generation fishing family proud to offer sustainably-harvested, gourmet canned seafood. Raincoast Trading adheres to the highest sustainability standards when catching, processing and packaging its seafood. Raincoast Trading is the first Canadian packaged retail seafood company recommended by the respected Ocean Wise™ conservation program as an environmentally-friendly seafood choice for retail grocers and consumers around the world. Learn more at
About the Vancouver Aquarium
The Vancouver Aquarium is a global leader in connecting people to our natural world, and a self-supporting, non-profit association dedicated to effecting the conservation of aquatic life through display and interpretation, conservation practices, education, research, and direct action. Learn more at
About Ocean Wise™

Ocean Wise is Canada’s leading sustainable seafood program.  The Ocean Wise logo on a restaurant menu, deli-counter or seafood product is the trusted symbol of ocean-friendly seafood choices for discerning consumers.  Launched in Vancouver, BC in January 2005 by the Vancouver Aquarium, the Ocean Wise program has grown from a small, local initiative to a national program now working with nearly 300 partners at over 2700 locations. Learn more at


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