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Tuna sustainability report reveals that Raincoast Trading ranks #1

Raincoast Trading, a fourth generation sustainable canned seafood company in Delta British Columbia, ranked first place with a top score of 92% in the Greenpeace 2012 Canned Tuna Sustainability Ranking for its efforts in sustainability, transparency and sourcing of tuna. The annual report revealed that, of 14 major seafood brands sold in Canada, 12 of 14 achieving a score of less than 56 percent.

“Raincoast Trading is thrilled to be recognized by Greenpeace in this report for our eco-friendly fishing practices,” said Kim Stockburn, brand manager of Raincoast Trading.

“We have worked hard to exceed the industry standard for sustainable seafood and are committed to providing our customers with a premium canned Albacore tuna product that adheres to the highest sustainability standards in terms of catching, processing and packaging our fish. It’s extremely gratifying to receive the top score.”

In 2009, Raincoast Trading was the first packaged retail seafood company endorsed by the respected Ocean Wise™ conservation program as an environmentally friendly seafood choice for retail grocers and consumers around the world.

The company works with experienced local fishermen who use hook and line fishing practices in which 12 barbless hooks are trolled behind each fishing vessel. This technique replaces dolphin-harming long line and netting practices, and also eliminates marine habitat destruction.

Raincoast Trading is able to trace its tuna through every link in the supply chain from boat to shelf. Every package contains a code to trace back when and where the fish was caught, transported and processed. Production codes on the bottom of tuna cans include an expiry date as well as a code to trace and identify the vessel and captain’s name, vessel flag, harvest method, area of capture and trip dates.

In addition, the company’s canned tuna uses environmentally friendly packaging that include BPA-free cans and printed labels that are made from soy-based inks.

Raincoast is one a handful of canned seafood companies in North America that sells single-cooked tuna packed in natural fish oils. This results in a rich, dense flavour and loads of extra nutrition typically not found in most canned seafood products. To ensure a safe and healthy product, every batch of Raincoast Trading tuna is mercury tested and comprises of mercury amounts well below the allowable levels in U.S. and in Canada.

About Raincoast Trading Raincoast Trading ( has been selling premium wild seafood products since 1995. Based on the west coast of Canada in Delta, B.C., the company is owned by a fourth generation fishing family that is p oud to offer consumers eco-friendly, gourmet canned seafood. The company’s canned tuna received the top ranking score of 92% —the highest score given to date —in Greenpeace’s 2012 Canned Tuna Sustainability Ranking, surpassing 13 other major tuna brands.

Media Contact: Maria Loscerbo  604-732-6221

Sales Contact: Kim Stockburn 604-323-3500

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